A New Website Matches Students And Tutors – Online

An online service doesn’t only have feedback mechanisms that allow the tutor to grade you on your aptitude in order to thusly change his teaching style to tailor it more to your needs and learning pace. It also has a review service that allow you to appraise the effectiveness of your tutor or if you want to be matched with another tutor. The LessonsSG or Lesson Singapore site is the new website you’ve been looking for that can match students with their own personal tutors in quite the effective manner. It’s so efficient at giving you a flexible schooling schedule that logistics should be the least of your concerns with this new online education model.

You Have More Tutor Options Online

  • Multiple Options Galore: The site enables you to select tutors based on what they specialize in so that you’re not just getting the teacher equivalent of a general practitioner. You’re getting an expert in Math or English or Science or Social Studies or History or so forth every time so that you’re not dealing with a teacher of all trades but a master of none. You want a specialist with materials that are designed for your specific needs to get that high school diploma.
  • Specialization and Language Settings: Aside from selecting tutors based on specialization, you can also choose them on their language. You can get an English-speaking tutor or find one that’s local in SG and speaks your native tongue. You don’t have these extras in the brick and mortar world of schools. They’re somewhat outdated to be honest, with some at most having computer classes included in the curriculum but still relying on books.
  • Materials and Coursework: The materials you receive from your tutors are either in PDF form or in some website only you can have access to through a password since the information contained there are propriety resources. The online coursework is also high-tech, with you answering tests and quizzes that are digitally timed using multiple choice questions. The ones with the essays need to be graded personally by your tutor as well.

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