Can Ordinary Singapore Residents Afford A Sumang Walk EC?

The rise of industrial living in the whole of Singapore is unstoppable, with many people acquiring properties through pre-selling and with each unit selling like a hot potato, it is a thing of a matter that residents of Singapore should sign-up to own one. Moreover, with a lot of people taking advantage of the pre-selling where prices are way lower comparing to buying an already finished executive unit, the reservations will be sold out the minute it will be open for pre-selling.

With the Sumang Walk EC price, residents of Singapore can afford to buy a Sumang Walk EC. Prices are very affordable for every single income-working resident. With its amenities that are very convenient to each resident as it is located at the middle of the forthcoming Punggol Digital District where a vision of Singapore’s Smart Nation effort, starting from the year 2023. Also, if you are a type of person who is physically active and loves to stroll whether through walking or jogging, the place is just a few steps of a distance to the Waterway Point Mall as well as the Punggol MRT. Not to mention that the residents can enjoy an environment that is very lively where a long 4.2km waterway is located.

The transportation of the EC is very convenient for residents. The executive unit is near to Punggol Waterway Point. While finding a ride to go to work or school is very easy, the ride going home is not that a thing of a matter to as motorists can get to the development via TPE via Punggol Way exit. Bus stops are also available along the SooTek station and the Punggol Interchange. With the transportation being very easy for residents the affordability of the EC is likely to be achievable with the ordinary residents of Singapore.